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"Jewels bring memories." - Antique celluloid ring box



The Wood & Watch by Rachel Kalina offers handmade bohemian and hippie-chic jewelry. The Wood & Watch designs embrace narrative and archaeology. Its quality pieces are crafted with care and made to last for generations. Because it is handmade with materials that come straight from the earth, each necklace, earring, bracelet, and ring is as individual as the free spirit who wears it. The goal is to communicate a story that you want to continue.


Rachel’s venture from hobby artisan to professional jeweler began in 2007. Back then, her creative space was a folding table where one-of-a-kind jewelry with vintage parts came alive. Even with a tiny corner for production, The Wood & Watch was able to quickly gain momentum. Its collection pieces have been showcased on wearers around the world, as well as in the Queens Museum of Art and New York City boutiques.


Today, The Wood & Watch resides in a dedicated, Long Island-based studio with lush views of nature. From here, Rachel continues to foster new designs and grow a tribe of cherished collectors. Become part of The Wood & Watch story as you live your own adventure.


Primal Brass Collection


Discover echoes of an ancient past in bohemian, artifact-inspired jewelry. Every piece in the Primal Brass Collection is designed to feel as though it was plucked it from a time long gone, yet it is meant to be with you.


Brass has been in ornamental use since the Neolithic Period (ca. 10,000 years ago). Outside of an untouchable museum display, the primitive metal takes on a gorgeous, rich sepia patina when worn—a sign of the stories your jewels will come to hold through shared travels. (Lighter brass color may also be easily restored with a polishing cloth if that look is preferred.)


You'll find a mix of both the raw and refined in Primal Brass. The collection purposefully embraces imperfect shapes and flaunts textures that show off their handmade crafts(wo)manship. Necklaces and earrings have been meticulously sawed, filed, sanded, hammered, and shaped, then paired with carefully chosen gems. They offer a study in contrasts: simple, curved silhouettes and textiles versus strong, complex stones.


Although sparked by history, Primal Brass jewelry seamlessly vibes with modern and vintage wardrobes. Pieces are versatile, so they’re equally at home adorning a little black dress or a tee worn-in from countless woodland hikes.


Why the name?


Rachel's father is a wood craftsman and her grandfather was a watchmaker. Hand-hewn art hums in her blood.


Many photos on this site are credited to dear friend and talented artist, Maggie Susse-O'Connor.

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